We will satisfy your requests using the techniques that we gained

in this highly competitive area for beauty salons.


Shampoo&Blow fee is included in the Hair Cut menu.

+2,200yen will be charged on other menus.



 Stylist haircut ¥7,150

 Top stylist haircut ¥7,700

 Director haircut ¥8,800

 Bang trim ¥1,100



 Root touch up (Fashion color / Gray hair) ¥6,600

 Full head coloring (Fashion color / Gray hair) ¥7,700

 Organic color ¥8,800

 Hair weaving(roots)  ¥7,700

 Hair weaving(full head) ¥8,800

 Hair manicure ¥8,800

 Bleach ¥8,800~

 Partial color ¥3,300~ 

 Additional charge for long hair +¥1,100



 Perm ¥7,700

 Steam perm ¥8,800

 Treatment perm ¥13,200

 Digital perm ¥13,750



 Full head ¥15,950

 Around face ¥8,800

 Bangs ¥5,500



 Two-Step Treatment ¥3,300

 Cuticle repair treatment to make one’s hair lighter and smoother.


 Three-Step Treatment ¥5,500

 Cuticle repair treatment that lasts longer than the two-step treatment. Nourish your hair and fill the gaps in your cuticle.


 Five-Step Treatment ¥7,700

 Inner repair treatment that restores the damage from the roots. The patented technology retains nutrition inside the hair for a long time, bringing your hair back to before it was damaged.


 Science Aqua ¥16,500

 Treatment to make one’s hair glossier by aligning the cuticles on the surface. It not only amends damage but also improves quality, such as stiffness and roughness of the hair.


 St-Cure 11,000

 A new type of treatment composed by 3% straightening chemicals to control light waves. Recommended for those who do not want to further damage their hair by straightening it, or those who wish to make their daily hair care routine simpler.


 Head Spa

* Courses over 30minutes will be taken care by a specialized therapist. Please wait for your turn, for the therapist can only handle one customer at a time.


 Carbonated Shampoo Head Spa (10 minutes) ¥3,300

 A short head spa, washing your hair with a carbonated shampoo.

 The carbon accelerates blood circulation and cleanses the scalp from the pores, maintaining the healthiness of your scalp.


 Scalp Care Head Spa 30/60minutes ¥4,400 / ¥8,800

 We will select the best cleansing, shampoo, and conditioning treatment depending on your problems and the condition of your scalp and hair.


 Refreshing Head Spa 30/60 minutes ¥4,400 / ¥8,800

 Head spa for those with asthenopia. Pressing the acupoints around the eyes, forehead, and behind the neck, in addition to massaging the scalp, helps asthenopia and a stiff head and neck.


 Beauty Head Spa 30minutes ¥4,400

 Massage from the faceline to scalp, while treating the neck. For those who wish to create a better scalp condition while seeking for an esthetic effect, such as lifting up the face.


 Relax Head Spa 30minutes ¥4,400

 Massage in a relaxing rhythm and pressure, while adjusting the balance of your autonomic nerves with the scent of an organic essential oil.


 SHIGETA Head Spa 60 minutes ¥10,450

 Head Spa using shampoo, conditional treatment, and essential oil for scalp by an organic brand, SHIGETA. We will use 50 drops of essential oil (Expecting mothers, those who are breast-feeding, or taking strong medication cannot take this treatment).

 【Midnight Luster】

 Stimulates the hair matrix cells, cells that make the hair grow, to prevent gray hair or losing hair. It is also effective in promoting blood circulation and cleansing clogged pores.

 The blended-in Frankincense and Myrrh oils have been used during church services since a long time ago.The oils are dead to have spiritual and relaxing effects.


 《Optional Menu for Head Spa》

 SHIGETA Body Massage 30minutes ¥4,400

 Massaging the neck, shoulders, arms, and hand using an essential oil by an organic brand called SHIGETA. You will keep your clothes on during the treatment. You can choose between two essential oils (Expecting mothers, those who are breast-feeding, or taking strong medication cannot take this treatment).

 【Body, Mind, and Spirit】

 Oil that can be used during the day, when you want to concentrate, relax, and better your performance.

 【River of Life】

 Oil that accelerates your bloodstream. It is effective for migraines, stiff shoulders, and swelling.


 《Optional Menu for Head Spa》

 Foot Care 30minutes (only for women) ¥4,400

 Foot care using Boue Marine Auto-Chauffante by Phytomer, a temperature changing mask that uses sea mud from Bretagne, France. You can choose where to wear the mask: the sole or calf.

 The mud is rich in mineral, having detoxing, relaxing, deodorising, and skin beautifying effects. You will simultaneously receive a head spa and then a sole or calf massage.



 Style Setting ¥5,500

 Make up ¥6,600

 Shampoo&blow ¥3,300

 Eye brow Cut ¥1,100